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Life in Akita, Japan


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I'm a college student doing a study abroad program at a new international school in Japan.

I've created this public blog for a few reasons. This is an attempt to document my 13+ month stay, and its contents are intended for friends and family, as well as anyone else who may be interested it.

During my time living in a small city in the (very rural) northern region of the main island (known as Tohoku), I realize that this location is quite an overlooked part of Japan and obscure to even many Japanese people.

It is a complete opposite of metropolises (e.g. Tokyo). As a result of this, I've come to realize, Tohoku is in many ways more authentic in terms of traditional Japanese culture and I truly appreciate the opportunity I've had to live in "inaka". For example, the natural scenery here is a amazing, and you won't find people running to catch a train when the next one comes in 3 minutes. ;)

This place is special to me. So I'd like to share it with all of you, and hope I can promote some new awareness of a part of Japan that's less blogged about than others. &hearts

Though my entries may be more image-heavy than anything, hopefully the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" will apply well to this case. :) Thanks for reading, and if you came across this in search of more information on Akita or Akita International University, I'm really glad to provide a resource.